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Barefoot Academy of Governance

Published: 03 Jul,2018

Travelling all the way from Kashmir to Ritambhara to see my own reflection was a fascinating resolve and enriched by this very humane and experiential module of learning. It was a precisely curated course for touching the deeper humaneness which, otherwise, remains overshadowed by various layers of identities woven densely-knowingly or sometimes unknowingly.....The very module was empowering in the sense that it gradually unraveled the unending saga of various emotions (Rasa’s) and the exciting drama that takes place in every instance of our lives.

A young Kashmiri boy will now be able to be a great youth leader, a rarity in today’s political landscape, where we have few young leaders to look up let alone interact with - an gap which this organisation is planning to bridge.

The Barefoot Academy of Governance is an initiative of a group of behavioural specialists involved in governance reform, both corporate and state, for the past 25 years.

Their goal is the democratisation of governance, to create a new ground of action for governance processes that are equitable and sustainable. It organizes broad base skilled interventions though a cadre of behavioural specialists trained in mediating and modulating governance change.

Our work is achieved through expanding circles of consensus, and strengthened through widening circles of solidarity grounded in indigenous knowledge and traditions.

Their work has occurred on two levels of intervention: at the level of government and at the level of community, involving doctors, engineers, welfare officials, academicians, administrators as well as grassroot actors across many states.

Their new program called InsAniyat is a two weeks long youth-facilitator training program for Youth Activists from across India to help them understand themselves, context and other to make a real change.

The program will comprise of a laboratory learning process called insAniyat and will focus on the technology of inner work and experiential learning using the foundations of Indian wisdom like Yoga sutras, Indian theatre and Natyashastra.

The word ‘insaniyat’ simply means humanness or being human. But do we really understand what does it mean to be human? Do our actions really stem from the humane part of us?

In this lab - ‘insAniyat: Theater of Action’ - we delve into how do we anchor ourselves to our basic human nature and not into some theoretical framework. That is the only way to move forward and act. The whole question is examined through the process of the “Learning Theater” methodology.

Young activists in their programs have been able to see the process they were confronting in a crystal clear manner.The Barefoot Academy of Governance offers this program completely free of cost (inclusive of travel) to the Youth Activists in need of sponsorships.

But for good things to happen, a lot of help is needed. Help the Barefoot Academy of Governance make these young leaders’ dreams come true today!

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