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Meet the Dog Lady of Delhi, Who Looks After 400 Stray Dogs

Namrata Kharga

Published: 04 Jan,2017

What makes you believe in miracles? Is it an act of kindness, a prayer answered immediately, or a humane gesture when you expect it the least? Well, Delhi resident and dog owner, Namrata Kharga has one such story to share. One fine day, she decided to provide shelter to an injured stray dog and took him to the hospital for medical treatment. Friends and strangers contributed by raising money and sending their prayers (sometimes even food and goodies) for the dog. This incident restored her faith in humanity and it was nothing short of a miracle.

I saw miracles happen in so many ways when Pepsi came into my house. It was a tough thing taking care of a baby. But Pepsi taught me compassion, taught me if you love something you love it in totality, not just the good things.

Then it happened again. A second miracle. But this time it was something she saw on a video sent by a friend. What was it and how did it impact her? The video featured a 61 year old lady looking after more than 400 street dogs in a certain part of South Delhi, despite her limited financial resources. Namrata couldn’t believe this was actually happening. She decided to get in touch with his woman to know more and leave the injured dog (whom she named Pepsi) with her. But after meeting the lady she knew she had to help in some way. 

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So who is she and how will Namrata help her?

The woman in question is Pratima Devi and she has been doing this since the past 30 years. She runs a tea stall and feeds the dogs twice a day. She also takes care of their medical expenditure including vaccinations and other treatments. Amma (as she is fondly known) receives a new puppy almost every week, and with the increase in numbers, her expenditure also increases. Pratima Devi left her husband after several years of a troubled marriage. She has three children who live in her native village, and they keeping ask her to be with them, however, Pratima's life is dedicated to the welfare of her canine companions, whose company she prefers and refers to as 'her children' Some of the dogs were abandoned by their owners, others rescued from accidents. 

Humbled and determined to make a difference, Namrata decided to help Pratima Devi raise funds and spread awareness about what she is doing. She is doing this because she is an animal lover, and also wants to help Amma, who is not in the best of health herself to undertake this project on a long term scale. Namrata is hopeful that people will not let their fears and inhibitions stop them from getting involved. The money will be used for the long-term care of the dogs and their medical expenses. 

If you love animals as much, and believe in this cause as passionately, then take out some time to lend your support!

Believe in miracles?