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With Vision in One Eye, Meet the Girl Who Will be Running 140km


Published: 02 Jul,2018

1.3 million women across the world are diagnosed with breast cancer. With the busy schedules most women have, health issues in women often go neglected. Today, Pinkathon is India’s Biggest Women’s run founded by Milind Soman and Reema Sanghvi. It was was created with the objective of spreading awareness about women’s health related issues, breast cancer in particular. Through the Colours Pinkathon we encourage women to adopt health and fitness in their daily lifestyles by means of running.

With each passing year, Pinkathon is bringing together women from all across the country, in a mission to empower HER. One such story that shines through is that of Divya. A 20-year-old, Divya was born with vision in only one eye. This never deterred her from doing anything. During her school days at Little Flower Convent for the Blind, Nungambakkam, Divya was presented with the opportunity to take part in a running competition. She emerged winner.

Since then, she would participate in every running competition that came her way and eventually became a 100-metre sprinter. In 2016, she even represented her school at an inter-school sports meet in Punjab.

Running has always been a part of my life and I enjoy the feeling that comes with it.

She unfortunately had to give up running when she shifted to Chennai from her small hometown. But this was not the end for Divya. Celebrating the #SpiritOfPinkathon, she will be India's first visually impaired girl to run the 140 km Spirit of Pinkathon run from Pondicherry to Chennai in August.

I have to bring the textbooks closer to one eye to ensure better vision. While running in competitions, I manage to bring the track into my field of vision. But I can’t see the track in a straight line. I just keep going

In true Pinkathon spirit, over 400 people across India ran blindfolded in Colours Pinkathon’s "See From The Heart Run". Divya will be running her sprint with Pinkathon mentor Milind Soman to spread the message of health and fitness for all women.

Divya's father is a farmer, and her mother is a domestic help - their unwavering support always kept her going. She dreams of completing her degree in BA Literature and then pursue B.Ed as she wants to become a teacher. Divya also hopes to get an eye correction surgery. This is where your love and support is needed. We need you to help us fulfill Divya's dream, and truly be a part of the Spirit of Pinkathon. Your contribution can help her accomplish this and fulfill both her dream of running and being a teacher. With the support she can be a role model for athletes everywhere.

Colors Pinkathon Chennai inspiring partner Bajaj electricals is taking place on 5th August at island grounds for more info log onto

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