Educate Mangal Basti's SHE-roes!

Teach Girls is raising funds to build a community homeschool for underprivileged girls in a slum Mangal basti based in Dehradun, Uttrakhand.

by Misha Scott     6 days ago

Let's shop and break stereotypes

by Social Justice Superheroes     5 days ago

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I am fundraising for the little kids that Kids for Kids, a Delhi-based NGO is taking care of. Join me in celebrating my birthday with them!

by Prarthana Gupta     2 weeks ago

Girivihar, one of India’s oldest mountaineering clubs will be bringing the IFSC Climbing World C to India in June 2017.

by Girivihar     2 weeks ago

Meet Raj. He started off as an intern with BitGiving and is now a veteran here. Read on to know more.

by BitGiving Team     3 weeks ago