It’s easy to make amazing things happen on BitGiving.

Make sure you have gone through our Guidebook before you start building your campaign. Here are a few things you must keep in mind while building your campaign.
  • Any individual residing in India or organizations registered and operating in India can start campaigns on BitGiving. All you need is to meet the following criterion:

For Individuals: Should be 18 years of age or older, have an Indian address, bank account and government-issued ID. It is mandatory to register via Facebook.

For Organisation: Both Profit or Not For Profit organisations should be a registered legal entity and have an address and bank account based in India.

  • You can start a campaign for a social cause, startup idea or your passion project. Find out which category and pricing slab you fall into. Please refer to our Pricing Page as the pricing would differ according to each category.
  • Make sure your campaign is for something tangible. You should be able to give a breakdown of your budget and explain how the raised amount will be utilized.
  • Rewards are mandatory. Entrepreneurial and creative campaigns must offer tangible rewards to the contributors. NGO’s should look at intangible rewards like social media shout-outs to incentivise contributors.
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