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We all look forward to our birthday. While it's wonderful to receive gifts, this is also an opportunity for you to celebrate your birthday with a twist. Instead of throwing a lavish party or getting gifts, celebrate your special day with a few others by fundraising for a philanthropic cause. When you start your birthday fundraiser, you inspire others to celebrate their special day in a meaningful way, too. On your birthday do something to make a difference in the lives of others.

Celebrate Our Birthday with Tribal children in Jharkhand

by Ankush vengurlekar

This birthday, join Ankit & me in celebrating with Tribal children of Jharkhand. We'll gift them winter clothes & food , spread the joy :-)


Ankit and Ankush Vengurlekar, the V- Twins, for their 34th birthday wanted to raise funds for tribal children's school in Jharkhand. In August 2016, Ankush cycled 900 kms through Jharkhand to understand the plight of the tribals, and Ankit helped chronicle these travels and bring it to a wider audience.

Engineering student, Himel decided against celebrating his birthday in wake of the Nepal earthquake, which struck a few days before his birthday, leaving behind a trail of devastation. He asked his friends to gift him by donating to the relief efforts, and help set up temporary shelters for families who lost their homes and livelihood in Nepal.

Himel's Birthday Fundraiser


It would mean a lot to me if you donated something, anything for the victims of the Nepal earthquake