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6 in every 10 people

who want to donate don't because of inconvenient donation processes.

every Individual who

makes a donation has the power to mobilise at least 2 more people to make a donation

Well, for you. if you want to mobilise your online donations in the most
optimised way possible, we've got just the solution

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Get the BitGiving Donate page

Building the infrastructure for your online donations can be a complicated. Whether it's integrating the numerous payment partners or figuring out the most seamless donation flow.

With 3 years of experience in the best donation practises, we've come up with the easily embeddable Donation module for organisations like yours. Don't worry - we've got the boring logistical part covered for you.

With just one simple button embedded on your website that takes care of everything with respect to your online fundraising

Making Donations is a Simple Process

Backed by the best payment partners, we can take donations through any payment mode the donor is comfortable with, whether it's netbanking, credit cards, debit cards or wallets.

With a quick 3 step process for the donors to contribute, the flow is optimised for both web and mobile and takes the donor information without subjecting them to long forms.

Also, all your domestic and FCRA payments are handled completely handled by us in accordance to the regulations and the reconciliation is done with the relevant bank accounts seamlessly.

Seamless Technical Integrations
at No Cost

The technical integration is as easy as copy-pasting a sentence. The onboarding process takes less than 24 hours and the best part? There are no charges involved. (Yay!)

Our charges? Well, we charge a 4% of the funds collected + Payment Gateway fees (Approx. 2%).

Excited? So are we!

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