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Redefining Employee Giving and Engagement

Employee Engagement
Build healthy competition within teams and become a trendsetter in innovative employee engagement activities. Gamification for inter-team fundraisers – BitGiving makes fundraising a seamless process for your organization.

Personal Fundraisers
Employees can also fundraise for any initiative they are passionate about. They can also contribute towards their colleagues’ birthday fundraiser or events like marathons and walkathons.

Creating Innovative CSR Campaigns

This is the perfect opportunity for you to pair corporate philanthropy and peer-to-peer fundraising to boost your social impact and bring change.

Campaign for a Cause
Start, adopt or support campaigns on BitGiving and showcase yourself as a thought-leader in innovative CSR practices.

Matching of funds
Match the contributions made by others on any campaign and magnify your social reach and create a double impact.

Building your Brand Value and Audience

Smart branding drives engagement into your business. Utilize crowdfunding to scale your positive impact efforts.

Increase your brand value by mobilizing and connecting with your customers and involve them in your branding efforts by out-of-the-box marketing campaigns.

Audience Building
Provide your customers the opportunity to experience your brand actively, on their own terms. Create a connection that’s truly worth talking about and build on your existing audience.

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