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  • My Daughter Is Precious: Help Give a Girl an Education

    Kaavya Rajesh & Rajesh Ramakrishnan by Kaavya Rajesh & Rajesh Ramakrishnan

    Girls also deserve to be loved and cherished- help us raise funds for the education of underprivileged girl-children in urban & rural India.

    2Days Left
  • Khushi Baby: Give Wearable, Digital Health to rural India

    Khushi Babyby Khushi Baby

    Khushi Baby uses a culturally-appropriate digital necklace that interfaces with a mobile app, to produce a complete vaccination platform anchored in the community.

    29Days Left
  • Help Savita fulfill her dreams!

    Pragya Banka by Pragya Banka

    19 years old Savita needs our help to complete her graduation in B. Com and head to a brighter future.

    26Days Left
  • Help Raise Funds for Arnav's Cancer Treatment

    Ashna Banga by Ashna Banga

    This is to help a small child receive timely and proper cancer treatment so he has a greater chance at a healthy life.

    53Days Left

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